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General Machine Work

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The manufacturing world is full of parts that make it go. Expendable tooling, QA fixtures, welding and assembly jigs, special machine parts, dies, holding devices and other plant tooling all keep your facility in production.

Tool steels, plastics, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, and mild steel are but a few of the materials that SourceOne works with every day. In addition to building tooling to your specifications, we offer design assistance and often repair or refurbish existing tooling.

With our extensive experience and vast process capabilities, SourceOne is uniquely qualified to keep your facility and production equipment in operation. We know you need fast turnaround when you are broken down. With our large staff and two-shift operation, we can quickly get you running again to avoid costly down time.

Shaft repair or replacement, general welding, milling, turning or fabrication, disassembly and reassembly, on-site inspection, large or name it, SourceOne can handle it.

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