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Our Company

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SourceOne is an innovative industry leader who responds rapidly to customer needs with partnership, loyalty, technology, and a focus on excellence.
To provide excellent customer service
To maintain a vibrant, skilled and dedicated work force
To provide a safe, quality work environment
To use our diverse capabilities to meet challenges and facilitate growth
SourceOne exists to be successful by providing for the needs of our customers and employees.

Founded as Industrial Machine Specialties in 1974, SourceOne has served its industrial client base for over 40 years. Throughout the many years, the company has grown internally and spawned other successful companies. This is due in large part to the creativity of its staff and the entrepreneurial spirit of its owners.

Within SourceOne's Custom Manufacturing & Tooling group, we have continually added the latest technology, updating our equipment to continue to offer competitive pricing, highest quality and delivery when you need it. With our dedicated, motivated and capable designers, technicians, craftsmen and machine operators and 40 plus years of creative manufacturing experience, we stand ready to answer your call.

In 1992, Industrial Powder Coating was founded to serve an untapped market in the eastern Nebraska region for what, at the time, was a rapidly growing market for superior powder coated metal finishing.

In 2004, our Industrial Machine Specialties and Industrial Powder Coating divisions merged into a single entity. The new company, SourceOne, is now even better able to serve your complete manufacturing needs.

So what does our history have to do with our ability to serve you? The same creativity, broad manufacturing expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that grew SourceOne are available to help you overcome your manufacturing obstacles and improve your bottom line.