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Our Customers

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Jeff Zvolanek, Industrial Maid
“We thank SourceOne for helping us to be a successful, growing company. They took a gamble helping us get started, and I commend them on working with a brand new company, especially since many wouldn’t work with a startup company. They have helped us design and fabricate and consulted with us on ways to improve our product. They do all this and still deliver quality products to us on demand, even products they haven’t built before. It’s good to work with a company that goes the extra mile for its customers.”

Brice Baker, Hamilton Sundstrand
“SourceOne has been servicing this plant site for many years. SourceOne does whatever it takes to get customers the best parts possible. The parts they make for us are very specialized and they do a great job. In addition to quality parts, SourceOne is very attentive to its customers and maintains communications. They know and understand the needs of their customers and always do their best to meet those needs.”

Janine Ramos and Jan McKay, Timpte, Inc.
“SourceOne has done an excellent job for Timpte, Inc., with quick service, quality parts and excellent turnaround. They stand behind their product. We would recommend them to any other customers that might be interested in looking at something SourceOne could make for them.”

Eric Moyer, automotive enthusiast and avid mountain biker
“I have trusted SourceOne to refinish several custom and hard to find components. Their work has always looked beautiful and the powder coating is so durable that it shows no wear after years of abuse. I tried having a body shop paint parts for me but, within two seasons, the finish was chipped down to bare steel. So, when I found irreplaceable, original wheels for my 1983 Mercedes wagon, SourceOne got the call. I could have sent them to a specialty shop for refinishing but prefer to deal with a local company that I know and trust. SourceOne matched the original factory finish, only better.”

Sujay Nooka, Lincoln Industries
“SourceOne has proven its performance through quality products and services. SourceOne’s seven-year relationship with Lincoln Plating has been good. SourceOne employees are available and involved, always. They stand behind us and support us, providing the assistance we need. Overall, SourceOne has exceeded our expectations.”

Terry Miller, Precision Tool & Machine Inc.
“SourceOne’s whole crew bends over backward. They always have a good attitude. SourceOne has come through for us many times. They go the extra mile. Their quality control is immediate. They give us quality powder coating for our various parts. It’s a superior finish.”

Troy Rivers, Peregrine, Inc.
“Ivan Reed introduced us to powder coating in the early 90s. We used to do our own liquid painting but powder coating provides the long-lasting finish that our customers expect from our material handling trailers. As our business has changed and grown, we've expanded our relationship with SourceOne to include engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, and even shipping. The capable employees at SourceOne take my frustrations and find solutions-it's been a good relationship that has worked out well for us.”

Derek Miller, BD
“They’re interested in providing a machine that does what it needs to, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make it work. They put forward a good effort to make sure everyone is happy. They came up with an initial concept and then included our suggestions. We also incorporated the good ideas they had; it was a collaborative effort. They’re very professional, and just a good group of people to work with. SourceOne is always someone we think of when we’re considering a machine build project.”

Josh Vander Top, Lincoln Composites
“SourceOne is really good about listening to our needs and putting together a consultation package. They remain very communicative along the path and are willing to adapt and make changes based on our input and evolving desires. They have the ability to pool many kinds of technologies together to create any particular type of machine you’re in need of. They’re excellent communicators and respond quickly to any questions we might have.”