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Plant Automation & Specialty Machine Build

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Productivity is the key to successful plant operation. SourceOne can help you unlock hidden productivity by working with your staff to automate processes that cause bottlenecks. Assembly, packaging, parts transfer, inspection, labeling, forming, drilling, tapping, machining, powder coating, welding and other processes are all likely candidates for automation. In addition to productivity gains, automation can increase quality, improve safety and increase employee morale with the elimination of difficult, boring or ergonomically challenging work.

Let our experienced staff explore your needs, develop a customized solution and work with you all the way through installation and successful operation in your facility.

Is your project already designed? We welcome the opportunity to build to your existing specifications as well. Have equipment that needs updating? SourceOne also has experience rebuilding, retooling and updating existing specialized machinery.

To view samples of the automation projects we've completed for our customers, view our Machines in Motion videos below.  Or simply contact us to request a copy of SourceOne's Specialty Machine Build brochure.

24-station valve assembly machine functions include:
Bowl fed parts, Drilling operation, Hole presence inspection, Reaming operation, Part insertion, Part inspection, Press station, PLC controlled, Flood coolant system, Unattended automation
High speed valve polisher integrated with assembly line processes Fully automated powder coat line functions include:
Wash/rinse stations, Automatic powder coat station, Infrared cure technology, Documented temperature control, Cool down area
Automated tube loader functions include:
Seam orientation, Auto loading of tube into CNC bender, Full cart unloading, Pneumatic part placement & gripping, Machine integration
Automated glue machine functions include:
Pick & place with vacuum pickup, Auto loading of parts, Application of primer, Application of glue, Operator interaction with safety curtain, Auto rotation & indexing, Auto mixing & dispensing, Pneumatic valves, PLC controlled
Automatic packaging machine functions include:
Auto box staging, Box loading, Box forming, Loading of product, Conveying of product to next machine, Complete line integration, PLC controlled
60 ppm assembly machine functions include:
Servo controlled assembly, Bowl fed part presentation, Pick & place loading, Bowl fed singulation, Part insertion, Inspection station, Full automation, PLC controlled