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Powder Coating

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Quality products deserve quality finishes. State-of-the-art equipment and attention to detail make SourceOne a powder coating industry leader.

Our Powder line has an in-line five-stage wash for superior surface preparation. The maximum dimension that will fit through the semi-automated line is 30" x 40" x 96". Weight maximums depend on the configuration, but typically parts under 250 lbs. can be accommodated.

Explore the advantage of a durable SourceOne powder coat finish for your new or current products. The environment will be grateful, too, as powder coating, unlike wet paint systems, develops no hazardous waste and emits no solvents that deplete the ozone layer.

If your project calls for plating, we can offer you complete plated parts using almost any plating process with one of the nation's largest and most competent custom platers located next door.