New York City has represented a lot of things to a lot of people over the course of American history. To many, the city is a beacon of opportunity. That’s exactly what it was when General Manager Eric Slezak made the trip recently to expand SourceOne’s efforts and reach.

This wasn’t Eric’s first trip to the city. As he explains, “I have been (to the city) a couple of times before. Once in 1993 after the first terror attack on the Trade Center; the second was in 2008 when the One World Trade Center was just starting to go up.” Being able to come back was extra special for Eric because he was able to witness the complete One World Trade Center and the outside memorial dedicated to 9/11.

Along with the enriching personal experiences, Eric was excited for the professional opportunities the trip entailed, including work with Leyard and being able to plan future projects and seeing our current job site and installations. This job site just happened to be in the NBC studio, where we have done work on the Nightly News studio and are beginning work on the new Megyn Kelly studio. “Being in the NBC studio was interesting because it was a chance to see how everything worked behind the scenes to what you see on TV,” Eric said.

Of course, the hustle and bustle of the city was a stark difference from Nebraska and wasn’t part of Eric’s favorite aspects of the city, but didn’t dampen the experience one bit. As Eric describes, “the trip was an excellent opportunity for SourceOne to fortify our relationship with our customers and look forward to the future with new work coming.”